The Lion King JR - November 02 - November 04, 2018

Scranton Middle School




The beauty of live theater is that hundreds of people will sit in the same space, they will watch the same show, and each will walk away from the experience with a different take-away. Each audience member, based upon his or her own life experiences, will process the show differently and be impacted in a unique way. As a creative team, we always try to pick a show that will stretch our actors artistically while, at the same time, challenge them to learn about themselves and the world in which they live, by learning from their character's experience. 


That said, we often get asked why we select a particular show. The creative team could have selected The Lion King because it is a wildly popular show for audiences of all ages. While that is true, our choice was much more involved than that. We chose The Lion King, and we chose it now, because of the politics of the world in which our children currently live. World leaders jockey for power daily (Nato, G7, Russian Interference, Trade Wars) to try to come out on top. The political world our children live in is divided between the "good" and the "evil" leaders. Depending upon which continent you live on or even which US zip code you live in, you may define good and evil differently. Political operatives are being assassinated, immigrants are fleeing from countries in which their safety is uncertain and politicians struggle to reach across the political divide and work together to meet the needs of society as a whole. Within all of that, however, the human spirit comes through. Despite leaders who may not always care about one another, as humans we see past that. In the face of adversity, we band together for what is "right" in society. We pull together to push the agenda that is right for society and the members of it. You see, it doesn't make sense that a Lion and Hyena or a Wart-Hog and a Lion would work together. However, in the face of adversity, amazing things do happen. We witness this every day. But our caring and love for humanity, and the people within that humanity, drive our behavior, even when outside forces and/or politics stand in the way. Really, could there be a better time for this show?


We sincerely hope you enjoy our show and we hope that, after seeing our show, you see the world through a slightly different lens. 

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