Shrek The Musical - November 09 - November 18, 2018

Jesuit High School


This year’s production combined the unique and varied talents of 75+ students, staff, and community members. The entire ensemble wants to say a very special thank you to the following:


Costumes: “Grandma” Dee Allen, Marlene Barras, Shannon Bradford, Diana Cangemi, Wayne Hawkins, Stephen & Maria Ledet, Wes Mandella,
Gretchen Morris, Sue Morris, Maura Owens, Cori Sudderth,
Debbie Velasquez, Rachel Wilson, and Sally Hedrick.


Playbill: Mrs. Angela Grassette, Mrs. Monique O’Neill, all
our supporting parents, families, and friends!


Parent’s President: Leanne Howell and
our “Phriends of the Phils” Parents Club


Mrs. Courtney Kloor, Travel Song Puppets


Wig Education: Lauren Hart


Concessions: Blanca Doll


Props/Crew: David Doll


Food: Maile Giesler


Jefferson Ballet Theatre


Southern Costume Company


New Orleans Opera Association 


Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts


AND OF COURSE: Our Administration, Faculty, and Staff

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