Newsies - November 15 - November 16, 2018

Frassati Catholic High School

 Who's Who 

  • Genevieve Roehl head shot

    Genevieve Roehl

    as Elmer

    Genevieve Roehl (‘21) is thrilled to be playing the role of Elmer in tonight’s performance. She’s an avid reader as well as founder and president of the Poetry Club. She wishes to thank her family and friends for their support.

  • Christine Bui head shot

    Christine Bui

    as Splasher

    Christine Bui ('20) is excited to be participating in her first theater production at Frassati Catholic High School. In addition to playing volleyball and tennis, she is also the assistant editor of La Stampa Newspaper. She would like to thank her family and friends for all of their love and support

  • Catherine Briers head shot

    Catherine Briers

    as Tommy Boy

    Sophomore Catherine Briers (‘21) is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Newsies. In addition to being a hitter on the Varsity Volleyball Team, she is the president of the Photography Club and a member of the Student Council. Catherine would like to thank her friends, and family for their support.

  • Morgan Martinez head shot

    Morgan Martinez

    as Mush

    Morgan Martinez (‘20) is a junior at Frassati Catholic. In addition to participating in Theater Guild, she is also a member of the World Language Club, Adventure Club, the Newspaper, and the Golf Team. She’s overjoyed to be a part of Newsies and thankful for the support of family and friends!

  • Ivanna De La Maza head shot

    Ivanna De La Maza

    as Buttons

    Ivanna De La Maza ('22) is a freshman at Frassati Catholic. She is so excited to be portraying the role of Buttons and to be in her 5th theater production. She thanks her friends and family for all of their support and to the Doctors Medina who worked really hard to make this possible.

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