It's a Wonderful Life - December 06 - December 08, 2018

Curtain and Lights Theatre Company


Cast Members  
George Bailey  
Craig Anderson  
Clarence Odbody  
Nathan Johnson  
Mr. Henry Potter  
Dakota Layton  
Uncle Billy/Mr. Martini  
Andrew Cagle  
Aunt Tilly  
Emma Schroer  
Mother Bailey/Mrs. Martini  
Heather Anderson  
Mary Hatch Bailey  
Annabeth Kirby  
Harry Bailey/Sam Wainwright/Mr. Welch  
Grayson Fink  
Mr. Gower  
Jim Anderson  
Pete Bailey/Young George/Potter's Goon  
Samuel Brown  
Janie Bailey/ Martini Child  
Jaelyn Fink  
Tommy Bailey/ Newspaper Boy  
Colton Naylor  
Zuzu Bailey/Martini Child  
Karsyn Echols  
Voliet Peterson  
Bianca Doyle  
Grace Nelson  
Mrs. Hatch  
Tina Minor  
Potter's Secretary  
Mary Graben  
Miss Carter  
Tiana Minor  
Mrs. Thompson  
Stacey Nelson  
Miss Andrews  
Kita Christian  
Martini Child  
Sophia Stansbury  
Martini Child  
Josilyn English  

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