Mamma Mia! - November 08 - November 10, 2018

Chamberlain High School - 01


The Cast, Chorus, and Crew of Mamma Mia! would like to thank the following for their continued support.


Their parents for the continued support through the two months of late nights and sacrifices as well as for the wonderful dinners this past week.


Their teachers for supporting and encouraging them to grow during this process.  They especially want to thank Ms. Duffy, Mrs. Waterbury, and Mrs. Gieseler for their help with auditions and enthusiastic support through the entire production.


Mr. Steckelberg, Mr. Hutcheson, Mr. Pearson and Dr. Johson for their support.


CHS Theatre Productions Class for the building of many props and set pieces.


Mr. Darwin Punt and the custodial staff for the assistance with the stage tables.


Valerie Moore and the town of Oacoma for the use of the Oacoma Community Center.


Mr. Nick Wall for his expertise in the tech department.



Mr. Ron LaMie and the Chamberlain Rec department for the flippers.


Mr. Todd Orth and Brule County Lumber for the lumber used in set construction.


Einstein's costumes in Mitchell for costume pieces.  


Mrs. Lachelle Olivier for the microphone.  


Outsound Production in Sioux Falls for the microphones.


Mrs. Mary Alice Larson and Ms. Jackie Bottomley for running concessions.


Each other for the high standard we set out to reach and the dedication that was put in toward surpassing that standard.  It wasn't always easy, but it created a family that lasts much longer than the short two months we were together.


Thank you and enjoy the show!


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