Legally Blonde The Musical - August 03 - August 13, 2017

Young Actors' Theatre



On the surface, Legally Blonde can be perceived as a fluffy, fun, one-dimensional show. While it is fun, it represents strong themes about our society today. Growing up and establishing yourself as an adult isn't easy, but Elle Woods takes us on her journey from being what she thinks she should be to becoming the strong, independent woman she is. Elle starts the show pursuing a guy, but through her struggles she transforms herself and discovers who she is and what she wants.


One of the reasons we wanted to dive into this project is because we believe Elle is a strong role model for young women today, especially in a society where the odds are stacked against them. She is a single, young, attractive woman in a male dominated society. Elle's story has no easy answers or quick fixes, but throughout the show she relies on her good friends to help her discover her determination and drive for doing what is right. With their guidance, she always has an optimistic outlook no matter the circumstances.


Watching our cast throughout this process has reaffirmed our belief in this show and its story. We hope you can learn something from Elle, the same way we as a company have. And remember, keep it positive!

-Jessi & Joe


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