Les Misérables School Edition - April 28 - April 29, 2017

Wyomissing Area High School




Mr. Mike Cafoncelli & Mrs. Deirdre Emes

4WALL Lighting & Design

Mr. Spencer Fecho

Mrs. Rebecca Longenecker

Mr. Peter DiCarlo

Austin's Restuarant

Keystone Printing

Mrs. Loni Pottieger

Mrs. Jen Auman

Mrs. Amber Gockley

Mrs. Janice Duquette

The ELCO High School Drama Club

The Muhlenberg High School Drama Club

Reading Civic Theatre




A Special Thanks To:

Mrs. Sara Cosentino, Mrs. Christie Botterbusch,

Mrs. Rebecca Botvin & Mrs. Tanya Hinsey

The parent concessions committee

All our parent volunteers who contributed directly to the success of this prodution 

 Mrs. Deirdre Emes and the WAHS Custodial Staff

WAHS Spring Coaches




Wyomissing Area Drama Club Patrons:

Eric and Terry Taylor

Zervanos Law Offices

White Star Tours














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