The Addams Family A New Musical - January 11

Veterans High School



Director's Notes




Producing a musical for our region's annual One Act Play competition isn't for the faint hearted. And an already Herculean task grew into a much bigger effort upon our acceptance into the 2017 Georgia High School Musical Theatre program, also known as the Shuler Awards. Suddenly, the show needed to be expanded -- both in theatrical scope and in the time required for the cast and crew to bring it to the stage. That we have done this under such time constraints is due to the collaborative efforts of many people and organizations, and we would like to thank them here:


  • The VHS admin team led by Mr. Christopher Brown. Your support means everything to us.


  • Our parent volunteers, chiefly Mrs. Dana Rozelle. She has given of her time and presence -- and props -- time and again. We love you.


  • The VHS Fine Arts Department faculty -- Jeremy Williams, Jeremy Fermin, Jaimie Blanchette, and Sarah Harlowe. Your help and encouragement are invaluable.


  • Mrs. Pat Kitchens and the VHS Graphics Department for printing our programs.


  • Perry Players for partnering with us in many ways. We particularly appreciate the use of your Ancestor costumes, and we will return them forthwith.


  • The cast and crew of The Addams Family for your work and devotion to the cause.


  • The Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards for accepting us into the program and raising the bar on our program in turn.


Much thanks to everyone. Enjoy the show!


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