Hairspray JR - October 13 - October 22, 2017

Vero Voce School of Performing Arts


Good Morning Baltimore  
Tracy, Ensemble
The Nicest Kids In Town  
Corny Collins, Council Members, Ensemble
Corny Collins (Underscore)  
Corny, Velma, Amber
The New Girl In Town  
Penny, Tracy, Amber, Corny, Edna
Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now  
Velma, Edna, Prudy, Penny, Amber, Tracy and Girls
Big Girl Playoff  
Transition to Detention  
LIttle Inez, Velma, Tracy and Principal
Detention to Hop  
Seaweed, Tracy, Gilbert, Lorraine
The Madison  
Corny, Students, Little Inez, Tracy, Seaweed, Amber, Link
The Nicest Kids (Reprise)  
Corny, Penny, Wilbur, Council, Tracy, Edna, Ensemble
It Takes Two  
Link, Tracy and Ensemble
Welcome To The Sixties  
Tracy, Edna, Dynamites, Mr. Pinky and Ensemble
Scatter Dodgeball  
Tracy, Link, Gym Teacher, Amber
Run and Tell That  
Seaweed, Penny, Tracy, Link, Little Inez and Ensemble
Dirty Boogie  
Tracy, Seaweed, Penny, Link, Amber, Velma, Motormouth and Ensemble
The Big Dollhouse  
Women, Matron & Guard
Baltimore (Reprise)  
Tracy and Link
Without Love  
Link, Tracy, Prudy, Penny, Seaweed and Ensemble
I Know Where I've Been  
Motormouth and Ensemble
(It's) Hairspray  
Corny and Council Members
Amber, Council Members and Ensemble

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