School of Rock - July 28 - August 04, 2018

Up and Coming Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Colin Claytor head shot

    Colin Claytor

    as Dewey Finn (7/28 2pm, 8/2 7:30 pm, 8/4 7:30 pm)

    “I couldn't figure out how to fasten my seat-belt. Then it clicked.” Thank you UAC for making my first show with you awesome!!!

  • Joe Grudt head shot

    Joe Grudt

    as Dewey Finn (7/28 7:30pm, 7/29 2pm, 8/4 2pm)

    This is Joe’s first show with UAC and he is so excited to play Dewey Finn! His past roles include Javert in Les Miserables, Dennis in All Shook Up, and Cinderella’s Prince in Into The Woods. He would like to thank his Mom for letting him use the car to get to rehearsal every day, as well as his friends for still wanting to hang out with him after getting home from rehearsal at 11 o’clock every night. He is attending the University of Illinois next year and hopes to Minor (or possibly major) in theater moving forward. Rock on and enjoy the show!

  • Alexa Williams head shot

    Alexa Williams

    as Rosalie Mullins

    Alexa is thrilled to be back with UAC for the first time since being in the cast of Heathers two years ago! Alexa is a Music Education major at Elmhurst College and also studies Theatre. She thanks her family, Squad, and boyfriend Ethan for their constant support of her theatre antics. This show has truly been an amazing experience for her, and hopes you’ll appreciate all the hard work the cast has put in this summer. Rock on!

  • Nathan Ancheta head shot

    Nathan Ancheta

    as Ned Schneebly

    Nathan is incredibly thankful for this opportunity to perform with Up and Coming Theatre. He is a soon to be senior at Cary-Grove High School, where he actively participates in clubs such as Swing Choir, Jazz Choir, and Drama Club to name a few. He is a student of the amazingly talented Michelle Hackman and couldn't be more fortunate to have her guidance. Nathan would also like to express his unending love for his family who always support him and his passions; he wouldn't be the man he is today without each one of them in his life. God bless and enjoy the show!

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