Chicago - November 10 - November 13, 2017

UNC Pauper Players




Although the story of Chicago takes place in the 1920s, we wanted to downplay the historic setting because the issues that this show satirizes are still prevalent in modern America. We wanted to highlight the illusionary aspects of the plot, specifically how the truth can be obstructed and perverted. The nature of this show is cyclic, which begins with Velma at the top, who becomes ignored after Roxie becomes famous, and Go-To-Hell Kitty nearly replaces Roxie as well. Yet, Roxie escapes this cycle through the use of more deception and wrongdoing. Characters who do not engage in foul play , or refuse to “play the system,” such as Hunyak or Amos are left alone and broke- or worse. Chicago the musical provides a critique of the American justice system, and we hope you both enjoy our interpretation and are entertained by the tremendous talent on stage.


- Tori Jewell and Bryant Chappell

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