Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity - November 16 - November 18, 2017

Towson High Law & Public Policy




             The best word I can think of to define the journey to try to get this play on its feet is in the very title: “absurd.” When the cast, crew and I began the school year, there was absolutely no director and no play in place. After weeks of uncertainty, it was finally decided that I would be both director and Professor D. Veous in Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity. I was absolutely terrified, and rightfully so.


            However, the passion and determination exhibited by our cast this year was a wonder to behold. No matter how uncertain the future of the play looked, they pressed on, fueled by their love for the craft. Knowing that this was my directorial debut, and one that was pockmarked with college applications and line memorization, the cast banded together and guided me as much as I guided them. Through many pauses and “schloops,” we were able to create a theatrical creation far beyond what I thought was possible when I stood in front of them on day one. I would personally like to thank Gray Sheridan, our stage manager, my assistant director, and best friend, for being probably the hardest-working person I know, Mr. Palumbi for allowing Gray and me to rant and rave in his room as well as help us come up with essential solutions to difficult problems, Ms. Gardner for supervising and giving us much-needed advice at crucial times while directing a play at her own school, the Theatre Boosters for all their help, the crew for their overwhelming effort and hard-work on every and any project they were given, and of course, the cast, for making my last play at Towson High School my best and most memorable.


        Emma Bailey


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