Camelot - January 12 - January 13, 2018

Town of Stratford Recreation Department

 End Notes 

First, thank you to our audiences for coming to watch our show. We hope you enjoy Camelot!


We would like to thank this amazing and talented cast & crew for being so wonderful to work with. We are ipressed by the talent and commitment you put in. 


A huge thank you to Jess Jenkins for taking the mess of a program and turning it into a sensational playbill! And Jess, for keeping the producer on track and checking all the little details. 


An extra large thank you to Mitchell Weinbaum for all of his donated time and talents into this show. We could not have done this without you!


We want to thank Margaret Bodell, the arts coordinator, for her support of our show, 1639 Theatricals, and our lovely signs around the town. 


Thank you to Tom Holehan for allowing us to use your sets and for answering emails in the middle of the night when panic sets in. Thank you Square One for your support.


Thank you to Mick Gloss and In The Spotlight for access into the White House and use of costumes. 


Thank you to Michele Weinbaum for our costumes and for putting all those random pieces together to form the beautiful costumes in this show. 


Thank you to Molly McFarland for taking on makeup & hair and to Megan Pale for helping. 


Thank you to Tricia & Chris for opening their home for this theater family.


Thank you to Raynae and public works for putting our show in lights. 


Thank you to Cliff for letting us be able to see with your light expertise and willingness to train us. 


Thank you to Dave Spence at Spence Sound for donating the use of 10 body mics and his talent and time to teach us the sound system. 


Thank you to ReStore for your support and allowing us to borrow needed set pieces.


Thank you Stratford Academy staff and school for allowing us access and your help along the way. 


Thank you to Pat Patusky, Mary Tiernan, and the Recreation Department for your continued support of our theater program. 


Thank you to Kevin Miller, it's been another fun run into the land of Camelot.


Thank you to Kevin, Will and Meghan for directing 1639  Theatricals and creating amazing shows each year. We appreciate your dedication and direction through our shows!!


We hope you all enjoy your "knight" at our show!

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