Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka JR. - August 11 - August 12, 2017

Town of Dover Recreation Department

 End Notes 

A note from the Recreation Director:


Dear Theatre Parents, Theatre Children, and the Town of Dover Community,


Thank you for supporting our 2017 Theatre endeavor of "Willy Wonka Jr".  Together, we can spotlight how theatre builds better lives.  As a Recreation Department, we are meeting the needs of our youths.  We celebrate the courage, and creativity of our children for choosing to participate in our program, no matter how big or small their part is.  This program embraces diversity and encourages all abilities.  It is such a special relationship when we are able to share Theatre with children, and make it a part of their learning experience.  This type of opportunity often inspires children to pursue theatre and given them a creative outlet in which to express themselves.  The outcome has a positive impact that children need to build on, possessing more self-confidence; more self-empowerment; and more self-esteem.  These are the benefits that impact a child's every day life.  


Thank you to our great Theatre staff that only demands the very best.  Both Beth and Shannon have worked very hard for this performance to come full circle.  We appreciate all your hard work, and knowledge in theatre.  A very big thank you to Lisa Bonelli, our awesome dress designer, for her hard work on costumes.    Another BIG thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this possible.  The behind the scenes people and parents that work so hard getting the costumes, sets, and everything else finished.  Thank you all for doing this for your children.  We also need to thank the Dover Union Free School District for the use of the school to put this program together on stage, and have a beautiful auditorium to use.  


And, many Thanks to the Town of Dover Supervisor, Linda French, and the entire Dover Town Board, that makes sure to budget this program every year. (Just a little note, we need a bigger budget next year!!!!)  Finally, we absolutely couldn't do this without our Recreation Staff, and a big shout out to the Town Highway Department who helped move the sets to the school.  Thank you Julie, Dodie, Venna, Shawn and Steve for helping and getting the job done on a moments notice.  


Thanks again to everyone.




Teri Ptasnick-Recreation Director




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