Annie - November 24 - December 03, 2017

The Theatre Downstream


Crew Members  
Kevin L Whitt and Ashley Raymer-Brown  
Music Director/Accompanist  
Sharla Whitt  
Kathy Todd Chaney  
Set Design/Construction Manager  
Brian Douglas Barker  
Stage Manager  
Sharla Whitt  
Assistant Stage Manager/Sinfonia Technician  
William Whitt  
Public Relations/Media  
Ashley Raymer-Brown  
Front of House Manager  
Jennifer Mayabb  
Elizabeth Woods (Lead), Emma Woods (Assistant), Norcostco (Rental), Shelley Noe (Seamstress), Cheryl Quickert, Jennifer Rieth, Jillian Stein, Cast Members  
Prop Masters  
Alethea Coffee, Lisa Lyon  
Furniture & Props  
Crossing Camp and Conference Center, Gallrein Farm, Goodwill Shelbyville, Kentucky Country Day, Sammy's Bakery, Lou and Dayle Simms, Some Where in Tyme, Wang's Jewelry, Cast Members  
Script Supervisor  
Cheryl Quickert  
Lighting Design  
Kevin Whitt (Lead), James Russell Cooper  
Audio-Visual Crew  
Kevin Whitt (Lead), Luke Clark, Zac Whitt  
Spotlight Operators  
Donna Curtsinger, Joshua Rieth  
Lori Potts (Lead), Cheryl Quickert, Elizabeth Irvin (pre-show consultant), Sandra Gabhart  
Backstage Moms  
Starla Wang (Lead), Alethea Coffee, Mandy Glauber, Jodi Johnson, Amy Klempner, Tiffany Payton  
Quick-Change Artist  
Cheryl Quickert  
Set Construction  
Brian Douglas Barker (Lead), John Grant  
Set Painting  
Jessica Archer, Sandra Gabhart  
Rehearsal Videographer  
Joshua Rieth  
Headshot Photographers  
Ashley Raymer-Brown (Lead), George Fabish  
Staged Photos  
George Fabish (Lead), Ashley Raymer-Brown  
Promotional Photos  
George Fabish  

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