Annie - November 24 - December 03, 2017

The Theatre Downstream


Kevin's Notes

      ANNIE is the all-time most requested show for The Theatre Downstream and one that I have wanted to bring to the stage for a few years, and here we are!  Annie holds a special place in my memories as being the first major stage production that I saw as a boy.  Beyond the wonderful music score, catchy lyrics, and heart warming story; Annie speaks to the heart of a desire that most of us possess, a desire to love and to be loved, a desire to be part of a family.

     Unfortunately, too many people view adoption as a second choice, a plan B; but I disagree.  We need more people to open up their hearts and homes and provide a forever family to a child or help others to bear the financial burden of providing a forever home, because frankly, most of us don't have Warbucks' finances.  I hope that you will leave here tonight, not only entertained but motivated to look for ways that you can make a positive difference in the life of someone else and be changed yourself in the process.

     Once again, I have the privilege to direct alongside the talented Ashley Raymer-Brown.  Thank you for helping me make ANNIE a reality.  I also want to say a huge Thank You to our entire production team: Alethea Coffee, Lisa Lyon, Brian Douglas Barker, Kathy Todd Chaney, Elizabeth Woods, Lori Potts, Jennifer Mayabb and my beautiful wife Sharla. Without your effort and talent, we couldn't have pulled this off.  Thom Coffee, thanks for your design, work and donation of the ornaments for sale in the lobby.  They look great!        

     Cameryn, thanks for trusting us and allowing us to stretch you to become the great optimistic, feisty, endearing Annie that you are. To my orphan girls: each of you have a forever home in my heart.  Daddy Warbucks and Grace, will you adopt me too?  You guys are awesome!  To the entire cast: I am so happy of the way you've worked together to bring this heart warming story to life.  You made this Director proud! Thanks for helping me make all the lemonade during this production!!

  Ashley's Notes

     Found Family is a phrase that describes when two or more people choose to treat one another as family in an emotional sense.  Annie’s story, much like The Theatre Downstream’s about Found Family. Annie begins the show looking for her mother and father and ends the show having found them...just not in the way she expected. 

     When TTD began, we were looking for a way that a group of (relative) strangers could work together to put on shows that would entertain our community...but what we ended up with was a tightly-knit community of ‘found family’ that just happens to put on shows.
     Annie’s future happiness was dependent upon her seizing the chance to spend those two weeks in Mr. Warbucks’ mansion, and TTD’s future success is dependent upon this group of Found Family members seizing every opportunity to continue to band together and bring quality theatre to our community.
     I echo Kevin’s thanks to our cast and production crew, with a special nod to Cameryn, Chris and Rebekah for bringing such joy to the stage as the representative 'found family.'

     I would also like to add my personal thank you to the incomparable Whitt family-- Kevin for his contagious love and vision for this show, Sharla for her astonishing talent for music and managing, Will for his unceasing patience and tireless work behind the scenes, Zac for enduring the long rehearsals and for his help in the tech booth, and Levi and Abi for sharing their parents with me and TTD for so many months in a row.
     Thanks also to the board of TTD, past and present: Russell, Jill, Rachael, Lori, Kevin, Angela, Liz, Jennifer B., Jennifer M., Melodye, Elizabeth, Greta, and Georgia; as well as our 'unofficial members' Brian and Sharla. We work hard; we ‘play’ hard; we love each other; we support each other; and we love our theatre.   Enjoy the show!

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