Final Plays 2017 - March 04 - March 12, 2017

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre




Since I Hit My Head


Time: March 2003

Place: Washington Park, Providence, Rhode Island



Scene i - Mid Afternoon

Scene ii - A Little Before 10PM That Same Night

Scene iii - A Couple of Days Later Mid Afternoon

Scene iv - 2AM



Scene i - The Next Day Mid Afternoon

Scene ii - Later That Evening

Scene iii - The Next Morning

Scene iv - A Few Months Later

Scene v - A Month Later, Late Morning


There will be one 10 minute intermission







Time: Now

Place: Middletown. Somewhere in the middle


There will be one 10 minute intermission





Welcome to Thebes


Time: Somewhere in the 21st Century

Place: A city named Thebes


There will be no intermission






The use of any recording devices, either audio or video, and the taking of photographs, either with or without flash, is strictly prohibited. Please turn off all electronic devices such as cellular phones, beepers, and watches. 

The use of cell phones in the theatre is prohibited by New York City law. 

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