Into the Woods - September 29 - October 01, 2017

The Kincaid School



This year's production combined the unique and varied talents of over 60 students, staff, family, friends, and community members. The entire cast and crew would like to give a special thanks to the following:



The Hands, Learys, Shirleys, and Youngbloods for volunteering to come out on multiple Saturdays to build sets and ride herd on a crazy group of drama kids. 



Ken Austin for building, buying trips, the loan of tools, and many emergency drop offs of much needed supplies. 



Janet Leary for your awesome painting skills and always volunteering to help feed the brood at those multiple Saturday work days. 



Baldinos and Bojangles for sponsoring to feed 30+ people on those build days.



Lowes for your donation of building supplies


Looks Manhattan, Coleman American, and Ace Realty for your generous donations.


Ms. Woods and our Liberty County Board of Education for being dedicated supporters of the arts. 



Ms. Abernathy, Ms. Iggleheart, and Ms. Kerrins for your time and help with auditions.



Tim Byler and Joseph Youngblood for your help and advice with our sound equipment. 



Ms. Eicholtz for always being willing to work with our rehersal schedule. 



Connections Church for you loan of sound equipment and Mr. David Gardner for helping us set it up when we could not figure it out. Thanks also for being willing to videotape our performance.



 The families of our cast and crew for your support, enthusiasm, and willingness to work with our busy drama schedule. 


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