Into the Woods - September 29 - October 01, 2017

The Kincaid School


ACT I (continued)  
Act I Finale  
Narrator, Florinda, Stepmother, Cinderella's Mother, Lucinda, Baker's Wife, Cinderella's Prince, Narrator, Company
Act II Opening  
Narrator, Cinderella, Jack (Baby), Baker, Baker's Wife, Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda, Witch, Jack, Jack's Mother, Steward Little Red Ridinghood
Agony Reprise  
Cinderella's Prince, Rapunzel's Prince
Witch's Lament  
Any Moment  
Cinderella's Prince, Baker's Wife
Moment in the Woods  
Baker's Wife
Your Fault  
Jack, Baker, Witch, Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Baker
Last Midnight  
Witch, Cinderella, (Baker), Little Red Ridinghood
No More  
Baker, Mysterious Man
No One Is Alone  
Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Baker, Jack
Act II Finale  

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