RED - July 13 - July 28, 2018

The Heather Theatre

 Notes From the Director 


About RED  



In RED, John Logan has given us a factual figure in Rothko and a fictional figure in Ken. While we can research Rothko- indeed, read a veritable library on the man and his work- Ken is a blank canvas. Logan uses Ken as a means to challenge Rothko, leading him to confront his changing place in the art world and exposing him to the shock of the new. Their passionate debates serve to show Rothko his own folly in believing he can force the secular to become sacred. Ken becomes the Apollonian voice of reason struggling with Rothko’s descent into Dionysian madness.


This production is a uniquely collaborative effort as the initial stages of the production were in place when I joined the team. I came into the room with both my own ideas and a responsibility (and eagerness) to absorb what Ward and David had begun to create. The depth of thought and effort from both men prior to my joining them combined with my own research and ideas and made for a well of resources that continued to fill itself even as we drank from its depths



RED is our painting- our mural.


Let it pulsate. Let it work on you. Get closer. 

What do you see?




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