Hairspray - July 13 - July 16, 2017

The Company: A St. Bernard Community Theater


Crew Members  
Set Construction  
David Jochum  
Carol Ann Jochum  
Sound Board Operator  
Terry Stout  
Lighting Operator  
Teddy Smith  
Stage Manager  
Louis Royer  
Tech Assistant / Stage Crew  
Hannah Boeham  
Stage Crew  
Jade Collins  
Dresser / Costume Seamstress / Hair / Makeup  
Destinie Collins  
Costume Seamstress  
Ann Guidry  
Costume Seamstress  
Alice Perniciaro  
Costume Seamstress  
Stacy Royer  

A production like this takes a lot of people chipping in to do whatever is needed. Several cast members have helped with hair and makeup, costuming, wigs, and whatever else needed to be done. Chris, Chad, and several others have contributed their own costumes for other cast members. They've helped with makeup and hair and wigs and just everything that needed to be done to make this show great. They deserve our thanks and respect.

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