The Big Maine Event - August 12

The Big Maine Event


Let's Bring Broadway to Maine  
Full Company
Love is an Open Door  
Alicia Fournier/Michael Jenkins
I'm Going Home  
Nick Sutton
Times are Hard for Dreamers  
Alexandra Spiegel
How Could I Ever Know  
Angela Moline
Bound For La La Land, Act 1 - Scene 1 / Beach Party Blast  
Alex, Brian, Jack, Olivia / Full Company
Everything I Know  
Gretchen Vose
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again  
Emelia Bailey
How Far I'll Go  
Bella Retter
Returning Home  
Jack Richman
Nina Stevens
Lamest Place In The World  
Sammie Lenzi
A Bit Of Earth  
Neal Young
Bound For La La Land, Act 1 - Scene 2  
Alex, Brian, Jack, Bella, Sammie, Alexandra, Emelia, Nina, Nick, McKayla, Daniel, Violet
Don't Worry, Be Happy  
Brianna Fragomeni
God Help The Outcasts  
Lauren Loisel
Clara Young, Violet Young
She Used to Be Mine  
McKayla Prophett
See You Again  
Brian Nigro, Michael Nigro, Daniel Nigro
Ezri Donnangelo
The Piano Man  
Alex Dreier
The Life I Never Led  
Grace Mozitis
Bound For La La Land, Act 1 - Scene 3  
Alex, Brian, Jack, Liza, Angela, Lauren T., Amelia, Megan, Victoria, McKayla, Gretchen, Lauren L, Ezri, Nina, Emelia, Alexandra, Sammie
.........Intermission / Dinner Break..........  

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