The Importance of Being Earnest - September 14 - September 16, 2017

The Bethany Stage


What amazing year this has been! I have so many people to thank! I never dreamed this company would be here a year ago when we opened with Pride and Prejudice.  This venture started out as something for my students at SNU and has grown into so much more for our community.  The people in The Bethany Stage have become my dearest friends.  I am so grateful to all the cast and crew members of the past year who have show so much patience and selflessness to me.  I look forward to many more monthly potlucks!!


My husband is so supportive of all my endeavors with this company and he gives and gives and gives.  I could never do any of this with out him and I am forever grateful!  I love you so much, Dustin.  The best role in my life is getting to be mommy to my two sweet girls! I couldn't live without their hugs every day!! Mommy loves you!!


Thank you to Southern Nazarene University for giving me my first job and for all your support to The Bethany Stage!  You are the reason we are here. 


Thank you to Melissa Dietz for all the amazing costumes! We know you put so many long hours in to make us look great.  It is a labor of love and we are so grateful!


Thank you to the amazing Scott Regester for all your help with our staging.  You are so giving and selfless! We love you!


Thank you to the Yukon Public Schools and Fine Arts Department!  Your generosity with your set pieces and props have made us look so fancy!! 


Thank you staff of The Bethany Stage for all your amazing work with our Fine Arts Studio! Our students are so lucky to have you. 


And a huge Thank you to Daleesa Wyatt for all your encouragement and work behind the scenes.  You are such an inspiration to me!!


Thank you so much to John Huntington for his beautiful pictures.  You are so talented!



And finally, thank you for coming to our show and supporting The Bethany Stage!! We hope we are here for many more years to come!



Audra Faust

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