Legally Blonde The Musical - November 16 - November 18, 2017

The Agnes Irwin School

  Who's Who (alphabetical order)  

  • Lily Flick head shot

    Lily Flick

    Lily Flick (19'), who plays a Delta Nu sorority sister, is very excited to be joining RepCo in its production of Legally Blonde in her first upper school musical. She began her acting career as a cheerleader in High School Musical and has played the part of Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray and Paul in Agatha RexThank you to the cast and crew for putting on an amazing production!

  • Roxy Gretz head shot

    Roxy Gretz

    Roxy Gretz ('18), who plays one of the Delta Nu sorority girls, is super excited about her first RepCo production of Legally Blonde. She began her acting career at Agnes Irwin as an ensemble member for In Harmony, but has acted in various productions throughout her life. In addition to acting, she enjoys taking pictures, going to haunted houses, and riding her horses. Thank you for all the laughs and fun! Good luck to everyone!

  • Pete Zhu head shot

    Pete Zhu

    as Padamadan

    Peter Zhu ('21) is so proud to be joining REPCO in its production of Legally Blonde. He is a international student. He began learn how to act is at the Summer break time when he went back to Beijing. In addition to acting, he enjoys singing and listening to music. He is the lead singer in the Chinese Pop Band at Archbishop John Carroll High School. Thank you to the entire cast and crew! Thanks for giving me the chance to do this great musical!


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