Dracula (Musical) - March 17 - March 18, 2017

Tamaqua Area High School

 End Notes 

This show combines the unique and varied talents of over 100 students and staff members. The entire organization would like to say a very special thank you to the following: 


For your continued support and encouragement: 


     Mr. Raymond Kinder, Superintendent

     Mr. Stephen Toth, Assistant Superintendent

     Mrs. Ruthann Gardiner, Director of Special Education

     Mr. Thomas McCabe, High School Principal 

     Mr. Ray Lenhart, Assistant High School Principal

     Mr. Christopher Czapla, Middle School Principal

     Mr. J.J. Fasnacht, Elementary Principal

     Mrs. Laura Shook, Assistant Elementary Principal

     TASD Board of Education.


The parents and teachers of all of our students for their cooperation, patience, and understanding of the huge time commitment necessary for the success of the production.


Christine Kostecky and Randa Hull for helping with costume alterations.


Holly Koscak for organizing the concesssion stand.


All parents who helped with ironing and alterating the costumes, distributed publicity posters, donated to the concession stand, and volunteered their time in the lobby.


Heather Stettler for taking and uploading the playbill headshots and for organizing and designing the lobby decor.


Casey Lutz Photography for our publicity photographs and show posters.
Pete Smulligan for creating and donating our glass coffin.


Geraldine Gardiner and Ruth Gardiner for the countless hours spent working on the set. The set looks awesome thanks to you!


Kris Betz for the fabulous job that you have done with our vocalists and pit band. Thank you for your time, talents, and efforts, and thank you for your willingness to take on two musicals this year!


Erika Cassell for our choreography and for volunteering your time and talents.


Sarah Yorke and the SVDC for their blood donation.

Celeste Franko for making show buttons.


Robert Livingston for printing our show shirts, stage crew, and pit band shirts.


Amy Delpais for organizing our trips to the radio stations and our various fundraisers.


Melanie Ross of the Tamaqua Station Restaurant for allowing us to borrow show furniture. We appreciate it so very much!


Leona Rega, Kyle Whitley, and the Tamaqua Area Community Arts Center for allowing us to film at the Arts Center and for allowing us to borrow the candelabras.


All family, friends, teachers, and community members who supported our various fundraisers throughout the year.


All community businesses who sponsored us, donated to this production, and allowed us to advertise for the show in their businesses.


Steph Gyuricsek for her time and talents and for allowing us to use her shop for our photo and movie shoot preparation.


A huge thank you to all audience members for attending our production and supporting our efforts.

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