Dracula (Musical) - March 17 - March 18, 2017

Tamaqua Area High School


ACT 1  
Scene 1-London & Dracula's Castle
Vampire Girls
"Jonathan's Arrival"  
Scene 2- Dracula's Castle
"Solitary Man"  
Scene 3- A Bedroom in Dracula's Castle
"Jonathan's Bedroom"  
"Whitby Bay"  
Mina, Jonathan, & Dracula
Scene 4-Dracula's Castle
Scene 5- Dracula's Castle
"Dracula's Exit"  
Jonathan & Vampire Girls
Scene 6- A Strange Room in Dracula's Castle
"Forever Young"  
Vampire Girls & Jonathan
"Fresh Blood"  
Dracula & Vampire Girls
Scene 7- Lunatic Asylum in London
"The Master's Song"  
Renfield & Jack
Scene 8- Whitby Bay
"How Do You Choose"  
Lucy, Mina, Jack, Quincey, & Arthur
Scene 9- The Garden at Whitby Bay
"The Mist"  
"The Mist Reprise"  
Scene 10- The Train Station to A Chapel in Budapest & St. James's Church in London
"A Perfect Life/Loving You Keeps Me Alive/Whitby Bay Reprise"  
Mina, Dracula, & Jonathan
Mina, Jonathan, Lucy, Arthur, and Congregations
Scene 11- Salon in Arthur Holmwood's House in London
Scene 12- Master Bedroom in Arthur Holmwood's House in London
"The Invitation"  
"Lucy & Dracula"  
Vampire Girls
Scene 13-Master Bedroom to Graveyard
Van Helsing
"Man of Woman Born"  
"Life After Life"  
Dracula & Lucy

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