Seussical Jr. - January 20 - January 21, 2018

TOR Coastal Youth Theatre

 Lines of Love 

John Lawrence   A-ladela-deladela who who are we proud of?  John Lawrence Dent, that's WHO!  We are so excited to see your hard work and energy up on the stage.  We love you, Mommy,  Daddy and Aubrey. Break a leg!


Jack   Jack, We are so proud of you.  Best of luck this weekend! 

Love Mom and Dad  XO


Addison   Addison we are so proud of you!  We have enjoyed seeing you fall even more in love with performing!  Oh, the places you'll go...we love you Dad, Mom and Walker


Elizabeth  Sing and dance like nobody's watching!  We are proud of you and love you big.  Love Mom, Dad and Eleanor


Natalie  Natalie, We are so proud of you.  You remind us to dream, believe and work hard to achieve your dreams.  You've worked hard for months.  Have fun out there and Break a Leg!  Love, Mommy, Daddy and Ginger


Natalie   We are so proud of you Natalie.  You are our shining star. 

Love, Grandma and Grandpa


Natalie  Natalie, Enjoy yourself!  Break a leg!  Love, Uncle Tommy,

Aunt Tasha, Dominick and Jacob


Evie   Great job Evie!  We love you so much.  Dad, Mom and Kai


Jessica   Great Job Jessica!  We are so proud how hard you worked. Love, All your family


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