Mary Poppins - January 19 - January 27, 2018

Stephen F. Austin High Schoo, Fort Bend ISD

 Who's Who 

  • Abby Witt~

    as Jane

    I am a Sophomore and this is my 4th play at AHS. I was a member of the crew for Metamorphosis, Into the Woods, and Barefoot in the Park. I am also a member of the Austin High School choir program. I’d like to thank my parents for their continuous support in me throughout the process of this show coming together.

  • Alex Carothers^

    as Robertson Ay

    I am a Senior and President of theatre troupe 5448! I have participated in a plethora of shows throughout my 4 years of high school which include but are not limited to Zombie Prom, Noises Off, Into the Woods, and Barefoot in The Park. I would like to thank the Alex Carothers fan base and my friends and family for there constant support!

  • Alexandra Ligh*

    I am a senior and this is my ninth show at Austin High School. I have been costume head for the past four shows here. I recently qualified for nationals for costume design at the Texas Thespians State Festival and I am excited to pursue costume design in college. I would like to thank my family, Mr. Cummons, Mrs. McManus, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Carothers, Mr. Towle, Maggie, and the Mary Poppins costume crew for their hard work and support throughout the making of this show.

  • Alexie Tolo^

    as Miss Lark, Chorus

    I am a senior and this is is my 4th musical at Austin high school. I was Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods and ensemble in Zombie Prom and In the Heights. I most recently qualified for nationals at the Texas Thespians State Festival for my solo musical performance. Thank you to my family for always supporting me and all my endeavors!

  • Annette Okakpu

    I am a Junior and this is my first musical ever and first play at Austin. I have participated in a play in middle school and played the grandma in The Great Grapevine. I thank my parents for giving me the stability and support to play a part in this musical

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