Disney's Mulan JR. - January 11 - January 13, 2018

Stage Dreams Youth Theater

 Director's Note 

The character and story of Mulan Jr. stems from an ancient Chinese poem named "Ode to Mulan" and while no one can truly say whther or not Mulan was a real person, we can still learn a great deal from her story. "Tradition is much like a mountain side, move one rock and you might create an avalanche." Stories are told throughout time of not breaking tradition in order to support the current institution and as you may have guessed this is not one of those stories. The show begins with everyone thinking that a woman is simply incapable of performing the tasks "meant for men". When Mulan dons her disguise she is able to circumvent female prejudice by pretending to be male. By camouflaging herself she is able to turn the tides of a great war, win the trust, love, and loyalty of an army, and bend tradition instead of breaking it. When the world sees Mulan is in fact a woman, each person reacts to the news in a different way and they are challenged on the preconceptions of what a woman is inherently capable of. The show ends with a message of equality, family, and that nothing is written in stone.  


The cast has worked extremely hard and has proved their work in their performances. Much of the creativity that makes it up onto the stage is straight from the students who are constantly thinking of ways they can enhance the unique quality of our production. I would also like to thank all the friends and families at home who have supported these wonderful actors and crew members. Without you the performing arts would not be possible. Thank you all for coming out and please, enjoy the show.




Jonathan James Hansen





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