Sister Act: The Musical - May 12 - May 14, 2017

Somerset Berkley Regional High School Drama Department


Take Me To Heaven (Nightclub)  
Deloris, Michelle & Tina
Fabulous, Baby!  
Deloris, Michelle & Tina
The Perfect Place  
The Nuns
Here Within These Walls  
Mother Superior, Deloris & The Nuns
It's Good To Be a Nun  
Deloris & The Nuns
When I Find My Baby  
Curtis & Thugs
I Could Be That Guy  
Eddie & Ensemble
Here Within These Walls - Reprise  
Mother Superior & The Nuns
Raise Your Voice  
Deloris & The Nuns
Take Me To Heaven (Nun Choir)  
Deloris & The Nuns
Sunday Morning Fever  
Deloris, Monsignor, Nuns, Eddie & Mother Superior
Take Me To Heaven (Newscast)  
TJ & The Nuns
Lady in the Long Black Dress  
Joey, TJ & Pablo
I Haven't Got a Prayer  
Mother Superior
Bless Our Show  
Deloris & The Nuns
Benedicta-ta for Now  
Mother Superior & The Nuns
The Life I Never Led  
Sister Mary Robert
Fabulous, Baby! - Reprise  
Eddie, Deloris, The Nuns & Ensemble
Sister Act  
When I Find My Baby - Reprise  
The Life I Never Led - Reprise  
Sister Mary Robert
Sister Act - Reprise  
Deloris, Mother Superior & The Nuns
Spread The Love Around  

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