Sister Act: The Musical - May 12 - May 14, 2017

Somerset Berkley Regional High School Drama Department


Take Me To Heaven (Nightclub)  
Deloris, Michelle & Tina
Fabulous, Baby!  
Deloris, Michelle & Tina
The Perfect Place  
The Nuns
Here Within These Walls  
Mother Superior, Deloris & The Nuns
It's Good To Be a Nun  
Deloris & The Nuns
When I Find My Baby  
Curtis & Thugs
I Could Be That Guy  
Eddie & Ensemble
Here Within These Walls - Reprise  
Mother Superior & The Nuns
Raise Your Voice  
Deloris & The Nuns
Take Me To Heaven (Nun Choir)  
Deloris & The Nuns
Sunday Morning Fever  
Deloris, Monsignor, Nuns, Eddie & Mother Superior
Take Me To Heaven (Newscast)  
TJ & The Nuns
Lady in the Long Black Dress  
Joey, TJ & Pablo
I Haven't Got a Prayer  
Mother Superior
Bless Our Show  
Deloris & The Nuns
Benedicta-ta for Now  
Mother Superior & The Nuns
The Life I Never Led  
Sister Mary Robert
Fabulous, Baby! - Reprise  
Eddie, Deloris, The Nuns & Ensemble
Sister Act  
When I Find My Baby - Reprise  
The Life I Never Led - Reprise  
Sister Mary Robert
Sister Act - Reprise  
Deloris, Mother Superior & The Nuns
Spread The Love Around  


Feel free to turn on your STAR WANDS and wave them in the air during the following Dream and Dance Scenes to help enhance the magic of the show!


Act One:

In the song "I COULD BE THAT GUY", turn on your STAR WANDS when Eddie starts to dance! This will help him to realize his dream of being "that guy" for Deloris!


Act Two:

In the song, "FABULOUS, BABY! (REPRISE)", turn on your STAR WAND when Deloris announces "Ladies and Gentlemen. Studio 54 and Studio One are proud to present...Miss. Deloris Van Cartier!" to help Deloris realize her dream of becomeing a STAR!


In the song, "SPREAD THE LOVE AROUND", turn on your STAR WANDS once the dance beat begins to help the sisters bring the house down for the "Pope Gig"!



Feel free to wave your STAR WANDS around during the curtain calls as the Pit Orchestra keeps the house rockin'!

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