The Diviners - March 24 - March 26, 2017

Skyline High School Theatre


Production Staff  
Stage Manager  
Beatrix Dergis  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Abby Judge  
Props Crew Head  
Ryann Patten  
Props Assistant  
Shaina Tracy  
Props Assistant  
Luke Wertenberger  
Set Crew Head  
Sage Scott  
Sound Crew Head  
Lissette Gold  
Sound Crew  
Shania Tracy  
Set Build  
Jacob Liberman, Shaina Tracy, Lara Danan, Trevor Minor, cast of Diviners  
Costumes Crew Head  
Lara Danan  
Costume Crew  
Ryann Patten Olivia Minor  
Make-up Crew Head  
Sidney Yallop  
Make-up Crew  
Olivia Minor, Ebba Gurney, Elena Axinn, Lara Danan, Maddie Curtis  
Lights Crew Head  
Cecilia Pilon  
Lights Crew  
Jacob Liberman Shania Tracy  
Running Crew  
Mairead Seyfarth  
Construction Crew  
Beatrix Dergis, Abby Judge, Ryann Patten, Luke Wertenberger, Shania Tracy, Sage Scott, Jacob Lieberman, Lara Danan, Trevor Miner, Sidney Yallop, Ebba Gurney, Elena Axinn, Cecilia Pilon, Lisette Gold, Maddie Curtis, Mairead Seyfarth

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