The Addams Family Jr - December 08 - December 09, 2017

Shadow Ridge Middle School


Good evening, and welcome to the Shadow Ridge's production of The Addams Family The Musical. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and give praise to all the students and their hard work. Without them our show would not be possible. I am humbled by their amazing commitment to our productions and to their own education.


Tonight you are seeing their work come shining through. Although this production credits me with the title of Director I am certainly only that in name. It takes a village of many to put on a production like this and I want to share this honor with all those involved in tonight production,The students have led me through this process step by step, because I am pretty clueless when it comes to technical theatre. I appreciate all of you and must give the credit of this work to you as you all have made it possible for me to learn and grow with you.


Working with Joe and Tyler allows me to be the most creative I have ever been. I truly appreciate their ability to help me bring to life all the things I see in my head when we are working on this show. They have taught me so much about being a better educator and a better theatre practitioner. We have such a wonderful bond as teachers and it is my pleasure and privilege to work with them every day. I am thankful that I got to be a part of this production with everyone and I can't believe we are putting it up!.


-Richard Clark



Special Thanks:

To the Administration and the amazing staff here at Shadow Ridge Middle School. I am so thrilled to call this school my home and I look forward to making many more amazing produtions with this amazing group of people. 

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