Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka JR. - April 28 - April 29, 2017

Severna Park Center Stage


We love you Amelia and are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Maddy, Myles, and Graycie
Thank you to everyone who made this show possible! You are the best!
Brandon - We are so excited that the play is finally here!  We have watched and listened to you practice daily for this huge event.  We cannot express how impressed we are in your dedication to the play, your cast members and the school.  Have fun and enjoy yourself!  Your hard work is paying off.  We love you!  Mom, Keith and Riley
Brookie- We are SO proud of you!  You are a shining star!  You bring us all joy & happiness when you fill the house with your songs.  We love you!  -Mom, Dad, Ella & Sampson  xoxo
Chloe S., we are so proud of you for pursuing theater and broadening your talents!  You are a great role model for your sisters!  XOXO Mom, Dad, Julia and Olivia
Brendan, Congratulations on your participation in your second musical!  We are excited to see you on stage! Patrick, Jack, Mum and Dad.

Emma-We are so very proud of you for all of the hard work and heart you have put into the musical. We can't wait to see our sassy gum-chewing girl on the stage!  Keep shining!  Love you - Mom, Dad, and Cole.

Ava, we are so proud of you, as always!!!  Have fun!  Love, Mom, Dad, Thomas, Caroline, Ava and Andrew


Collin Mays-  Congratulations on your first show!  Your hard work and dedication has paid off and we love seeing you enjoying this experience.  We are so proud of of you!   Love, Mom, Dad & Caroline


Noel we are so proud of how talented and creative you are.  The list of things you are good at continues to grow. We love you so much - we can't believe you are headed to middle school. Love, Mom and Dad


Brandon - I am so proud of the dedication that you have put into the Willy Wonka Jr. play!  You should be very proud of yourself and your hard work.   I look forward to seeing you in many more productions in your future years!  I love you, Nana


Sarah you constantly amaze us.  You are so multi-talented, we love that you enjoy sports as well as the arts.  We love you very much and wish you would stop growing up so fast. Love Mom and Dad


Chloe Gamber we are so proud of you in everything you do.  Best of luck in your performances!  Love, Mom, Poppy and Zach


Go Claire!!  We are so proud & impressed with you and the cast & crew!!


You are awesome Addie!! We love you so much! Hope you are having fun up on stage!! Love Mom, Dad, and Caleb


Bravo Madeleine for your dedication in preparing for the show and kudos for your courage in going on stage.  We are proud to be your parents.


Brendan, wish we were there to see you perform live!  Da, Ms. Edith, Grandee and Grandad


Trinity-You're amazing on and off stage, thank you for being an amazing daughter and big sister. Love, Mom, Dad and Natalie


Santi, Hope you are having fun on your last show at SPES. Break a leg!!! Love, Mom, Dad, Sol and Sofia


Brandon - I am so excited for you and the cast of the Willy Wonka Jr. play.  I know you have been singing and dancing your heart out for months.  Good luck!  I love you, Aunt Stacy  
We are so proud of you Jake....or should we say...Grandpa Joe!!  Love you.
Welcome to theater Millie!  You are a fabulous student and thespian!  Break a Leg!  We all love you more than you will ever know and are so proud of you!  Love Mommie, Daddy and Mitchell
Avery A. - Love watching you have fun. We are super proud and love you so much. - Mom, Dad, Emerson, & Grant

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