Mary Poppins - December 01 - December 03, 2017

Saint Thomas' Episcopal School



There are so many people and organizations who came together to make Mary Poppins possible!


  • A huge thank you to Memorial Senior High School and H.R. Bradford for a generous donation of costumes.


  • HITS Theatre, St. Thomas High School, and St. Paul’s Catholic High School in Bristol, CT for loaning costumes.


  • As always, thank you to Dr. Bob for his talents in carpentry and general wizardry.


  • Thank you to Ann Seitz for countless hours spent in rehearsal sewing buttons, hems, trim, and just about everything else so that our cast looks smashing.


  • Thank you to Chris Pastorek for being the #1 mom and volunteer, doing everything from errand running, to sewing water fowl costumes, to making sure the director stayed in one piece.


  • Thank you to Pamela Clark for assisting with ticket sales.


  • Thank you to Connie Yowell for assistance with prop creation and assembling our beautiful Cherry Tree Lane.


  • Thank you to all of the parents who brought snacks and meals, and spent precious weekend time chaperoning our huge cast. 


  • Thank you to my middle school Oral Presentation classes for helping with set painting! 


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