Legally Blonde The Musical - March 02 - March 04, 2017

Rye Neck High School


Philip Beebe - My favorite Rye Neck Theatre memory was during the 2016 fall play And Then There Were None. My character had to stomp on these plastic figurines during each performance, and on the last night, when I stomped on the last figure, it completely burst apart and flew everywhere; it really added a special touch to that show for me.


Ollie Beecham - I moved to Rye Neck sophomore year from a huge high school in Pennsylvania, and have made a lot of friends while working backstage on The Music ManInto the Woods, and now to finish up with a bang, Legally Blonde. If you want to do theater at Rye Neck, you should. You'll make great friends that have similar interests, a place to call a theater community.


Haley Bruno - My favorite memory was when Luisa, Viktoriya, and I watched The Cheetah Girls backstage last year and learned all the songs and choreography.


Luigi Carolini - My favorite memory from my time in Rye Neck theatre has to be my first time ever on stage in Shrek the Musical as Walter the Greeter. Although I was covered in a giant head, I learned a new passion of mine, to act, which inspired me to take classes to improve my skills.


Jessica Giordano - When I was a Junior, we did Into the Woods. I had never tried out for a large role let alone got one, and every night before the show I was so overwhelmed with nerves. It was very noticeable, but everyone in the cast/crew was so supportive and loving that they helped calmed me down before walking onstage, and cheered the loudest after all my solos.  Everyone in the musical becomes a second family to you and never lets you give up. They support you every way and help you rise above all obstacles when preparing for the show.


Hunter Greenhill - When I became the Baker in Into the Woods, I realized what I was truly capable of doing in theater, to immerse myself in a multi-dimensional character so completely.


Jill Hurlbut - Before and after rehearsal I always love talking and laughing with my Stage Managers and Runners at our table in the front of the PAC. I also loved having the ability to Stage Manage four productions in just two years. Lastly, I remember when the entire cast broke out into singing a Shrek song even though we were in the middle of rehearsal of The Music Man!


Viktoriya Manolova - I loved hearing the pep talks and speeches before performances.


Bria McClain - I remember during Into the Woods, Jazzy and I couldn't stop laughing whenever we rehearsed "No One Is Alone" (the saddest number in the whole show!)


Isaak Meier - My favorite theater memory is probably doing ad wars with my friends last year. 


Kiara O'Day - When I was a sophomore, we did The Music Man and I loved the "76 Trombones" number. I was working backstage and had to help with two quick changes for the scene. The success of getting both actors into their different costumes in under a minute was the best feeling.

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