King Lear - June 02 - June 18, 2017

Rubber City Shakespeare Company




From the staff, board of directors, and myself we want to welcome you to our final production this season. We have a lot of exciting changes here at the theatre that we are thrilled about, including changing our name to Rubber City Theatre starting with our fifth annivarsary season! 


We are also using our space at The WELL CDC in a very unqiue way. We are going back to our roots and creating a black box style space for this production and setting it in the round. 


I am so pleased that you have joined us for this great Shakespearean work. 



Dane CT Leasure 

Producing Artistic Director 


Note from the Director

Akron, 1980s. It was a time of major change for the city. The rubber factories were shutting down a majority of their operations. Some companies were even committed to staying in Akron then were bought out by other companies and moved away from Akron. Lear has similar themes -- dividing up the kingdom as the old is replaced by the new. Creating an Akron-centric production is one of the great things about what we do here at Rubber City. 


In addition to the modern Akron setting the other major change is that Lear has been regendered to a female. Why did we change this character's gender? Father-daughter stories are told but mother-daughter stories are often neglected. When I read King Lear years ago I thought, what if this king was a queen? Now I finally have a chance to tell this story. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life. 

- Dane 


What's in a Name? 

What is Rubber City Theatre?

Rubber City Shakespeare Company’s board has voted to rename the company, Rubber City Theatre to align with the strategic plan and new company initiatives. The name change will officially take effect on June 20, 2017, following the closing of Lear, the final show of the 2016-2017 season.

Why the name change? 
“We were getting a lot of people that were confused between us and Ohio Shakespeare Festival now that they’re year-round,’’ operating at Greystone Hall downtown, said Producing Artistic Director Dane Leasure. “It’s giving us greater flexibility to provide professional quality theater at an affordable price, and it’s not just Shakespeare.” When Rubber City stepped out of its Shakespearean mode to produce the epic musical Aida last winter, the company enjoyed sold-out audiences. The musical was such a huge success, it helped clinch the theater’s decision to widen its artistic offerings for its fifth season. - Kerry Clawson; Akron Beacon Journal 03/21/2017

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