The Addams Family - October 20 - October 28, 2017

Rock Ridge Perf Arts




MISSION STATEMENT: Rock Ridge Performing Arts provides an avenue for artistic development, creative and innovative skill building, and social and emotional growth through a comprehensive theatre arts curriculum.


VISION STATEMENT: Rock Ridge Performing Arts will achieve this by:

  • Providing a rigorous college and career ready program
  • Creating opportunities that foster and build community locally, statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. 
  • Advocating for our students, school, and stakeholders through training, toolkits, and partnerships. 


ALUMNI 2016 & 2017 STATS


Scholarships Awarded: $2 Million +

Scholarships Accepted: $505,000

SAT Scores: 180 points higher than the National Average


Attending Colleges: *Northwestern University, *Cinncinnati Conservatory of Music, *Boston Conservatory, *Elon University, Philadelphia University of the Arts, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Long Island University, *New York University, *California Insitute of the Arts, *University of California, Pace University, 


*Indicates a highly competitive theatre, film, or music program 



SEASON 3: 2016 - 2017 Awards


2017 Outstanding School Award - Educational Theatre Association


2017 Chapter Virginia Chapter Select - "Edward Blank" - Virginia Thespians


2017 National Individual Event Showcase - Noam Denenberg (Scenic Design)


2017 All Star Tech Crew - Hannah Kane, Meghan Emanuel, Shaila Seth, Hailey Brunson


2017 National Superiors - Luke Harris (Acting), Alexa Janoschka (Lighting Design), Hannah Kane (Lighting Design), Noam Denenberg (Scenic Design), Shaila Seth (Stage Management), Kevin Lacey (Musical Theatre), Laila Gallant (Musical Theatre), Seth Cooper (Musical Theatre), Hailey Brunson (Costume Design)


2017 - Virginia Theatre Educator of the YearAnthony Cimino-Johnson


2017 - South Eastern Theatre Conference - "Edward Blank" - Best Lighting Design, Best Use of Technical Elements, Best Sound Design


2017 - NIES State Supriors - Luke Harris, Hailey Brunson, Hannah Kane (Monologue), Deirdre Price , Andrea Arias, Andrew Zheng, Jordan Green, Kevin Lacey, Laila Gallant, Seth Cooper, Katie Markle, Crystal Claros (Musical Theatre Solo), Byron Salazar & Crystal Claros (Musical Duet),   Mohith Prasad, Kevin Lacey, Laila Gallant, Seth Cooper (Musical Theatre Group), Abby Boyle (Film), Hailey Brunson (Costumes), Hannah Kane, Alexa Janoshcka (Lighting Design), Noam Denenberg (Scenic Design), Brandon Perez, Delaney Keller (Sound Design), Megan Coatney, Meghan Emanuel, Shaila Seth (Stage Management)


2016 - Inspirational Educator of the YearAnthony Cimino-Johnson


2016 - Virginia Theatre Association - 2nd Place "Edward Blank" - Beat Male Actor (Luke Harris), Best Technical Merrit, Best Collaboration of All Art Forms 

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