Shrek The Musical - May 30 - June 09, 2013

Riverdale Children's Theatre


Riverdale Children’s Theatre is made possible through tuitions, ticket sales and the generous support of our friends and business:



Patrons of the Riverdale Children’s Theatre

Sharon and Matthew Cohen

The Winter Family

The Shaviv/Brodsky Family

Marla Bergman

The Shetreat-Klein Family

The Kelly Family

The Maayan/Paradise Family

The Horowitz/Bezborodko Family

The Sheehan Family

The Moreira Family

The Benyamin Family

Adam Weinstein

The Shetreat-Klein Family

The Schwartz Family


Friends of the Riverdale Children’s Theatre

Brian and Lori Gale

Michele Pawk and John Dossett

The Uriel Family

The Bradley/Mullen Family

Elizabeth Santana

John Sims

The Rosenfields

The Meo Family

Cliff Stanton

The Padden Family

Maureen Stanton


Bronze Business Sponsor

Sopher Realty



RCT Advisory Council


Tami Bezborodko, Susan Cohen, Jennifer Paradise, Lisa Moreira,

 Jennifer Firestone, Joey Parnes, David Winter

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