You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised 1999) Youth - September 01 - September 10, 2017

Resolute Theatre Project

 End Notes 


You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! is a glimpse into the lives of our favorite Peanuts gang as they search for what really makes them happy. 

I am delighted and honored to have directed this uplifting show for Resolute Theatre ProjectYou're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! is truly amazing; one of the best collaborative efforts in my career. Creative magic ensured in partnership with my dream team, Choreographer Amy Cave and Musical Director / Scenic Designer Kristal Seid. Each cast, both youth and adult, brings its own unique energy to this classic.  

So, leave your cares behind and allow yourself to sit back and enjoy as the Sunday morning Peanuts gang comes to life! 


Beth Allen
Director, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!




Resolute Theatre Project’s mission is to tell stories that explore what it means to be human.  Our joys, our losses, our struggles, and our passion.  We selected Charlie Brown as our second main stage production this year primarily to fulfill our goal of providing “bucket list” opportunities to actors, directors, and designers.  Three cast members in the adult cast are playing roles which have long been on their “bucket list.”  However, the more we worked on the show, the more we saw the beauty in the script which speaks simply to common experiences we share.  Regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or political view, there are certain basic emotions and relationships that define what it is to be human.  These are the stories RTP seeks to tell.  These are the ties that bind us.  

We were proud for our first main stage production this season to present “The Other Place” by Sharr White focusing on the frailties of the human mind and the devastating impact of Alzheimers Disease.  For our final show of the main stage season we have selected “Ordinary People”.  The stage play adapted by Nancy Gilsenan from the blockbuster movie starring Timothy Hutton, Mary Tyler Moore, and Donald Sutherland explores the aftermath of a family crumbling in the wake of the death of a child.  RTP was also delighted to partner with Proper Hijinx Productions and L.I.P. Service Productions to produce Rebecca Gilman’s “Boy Gets Girl” which centered around stalking, sexism, and date “culture”.

As with all of our productions we are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to a linked charity.  RTP will be donating proceeds from concession sales to Bea’s Kids.  Bea Salazar created Bea’s Kids to provide educational and personal development programs to children from low-income families so they will stay in school and break the cycle of poverty.  They serve children in our local area.  If you would like to make a donation to Bea’s Kids, you may do so at the box office.


Thank you for supporting local artists and enjoy the show.


Amy Cave

Artistic Director, Resolute Theatre Project




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