Working - November 17 - November 18, 2017

Reading Sr High School


Cast Members - in order of appearance  
Mike Dillard, ironworker  
Kevin Villegas  
Amanda McKenny, project manager  
Emily Franklin  
Another Woman in a Cubicle  
Luisanna Cruz  
Man in a Cubicle with Headphones  
Austin Medina  
Woman in a Cubicle  
Desiree Rivera  
Freddy Rodriguez, fast food worker  
Milton Melendez  
Rex Winship, hedge fund manager  
Devante Diaz  
Rose Hoffman, schoolteacher  
Carmen Popovici  
Terry Mason, flight attendant  
Libni Rivera  
Frank Decker, interstate trucker  
Aaron Oliver  
Raj Chadha, tech support  
Diederich Castro  
Sharon Atkins, receptionist  
Mericel Mirabal  
Kate Rushton, housewife (Friday)  
Ambrozia Miller  
Kate Rushton, housewife (Saturday)  
Stephanie Nicasio  
Conrad Swibel, UPS delivery man  
MIlton Melendez (Fri.) / Brian Gonzalez (Sat.)  
Roberta Victor, prostitute  
Emily Franklin  
Candy Cottinghan, fundraiser  
Na'Sayza Caceres  
Grace Clements, millworker (Friday)  
Diamond Miller  
Grace Clements, millworker (Saturday)  
Esmeralda Manon  
Grace Clements, millworker (Friday morning)  
Gianella Maldanado  
Allen Epstein, community organizer  
Roberto Guevara  
Featured Singer - If I Could Have Been  
Gabriella Pepin  
Anthony Coelho, stone mason  
Brian Gonzalez  
Featured Singer - The Mason  
Kevin Villegas  
Edie Jaffe, publicist  
Gabriella Pepin  
Delores Dante, waitress  
Alexandra Mercedes  
Joe Zutty, retiree  
Diederich Castro  
Tom Patrick, fireman  
Aaron Oliver  

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