Little Women - December 08 - December 31, 2017

Randall Theatre Company

 Artistic Directors Corner 


Hi everyone!


Welcome back to our loving patrons and a joyous holiday "Hello" to our new friends.  Welcome to the final production of our seventh full season.  It truly feels like yesterday that I went on stage as Sherlock Holmes in "Clockwork Prince." Where does the time go?


I am very proud of what this little theater company has accomplished.  You all see finished products.  Behind the scenes we are working sometimes 18 hours a day to get things ready for our shows to be stage ready.  The Randall is a rare combination of community style theater, where many people do many jobs for the love of it while also keeping an eye on just what makes a production seem professional. It's that fun aspect with attention to detail that I believe sets the Randall apart from other community type theater companies.  We hope that this production will exceed your expectations.


As the Randall continues forward into 2018, our only desire will be, as it always has been to please you. To have you come into one of our theater spaces (Jacksonville or Medford) and leave at the end of the production happier than when you came in. If we can do that, we will have done our job.


We would like to thank the following people who helped out with the extensive costuming needed for this wonderful production:


Toni Holley, Patricia Downward, Celetta Katski, Rebecca Campbell, Kelly Moore, Wyn Reed, Francesca Solono, Sharon Becker, Teresa Reed, Mathew Reynolds and Crater High School, Sue Quakenbush, Meagan Kirby, Lauren Panter and last but not least the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Without your help, this production would not be what it is today. Also, a special thank you to Melissa Ghiglieri Fine Art for the photos.


On behalf of all of our volunteers, thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We look forward to seeing you again (and again and again).


Robin Downward

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