Little Women - December 08 - December 31, 2017

Randall Theatre Company
Randall Theatre Company


The Broadway Musical


Book by

Allan Knee

             Lyrics by

        Mindi Dickenstein

Music by

Jason Howland

Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott


  Co-Directed by

       Rebecca K. Campbell and Alex Boyles




Wyn Reed Hopkins

Rebecca K. Campbell

Nicholas Jules Hewitt

        Courtney Crawford

     Aubrey James Campbell

              Alex Boyles

             Buzz London


Lauren Panter

Zaq Wentworth

Linda Otto


Stage Manager

Rebecca Denley


Lighting Design

Zachary Horn


Light Board Op

Mark Cole



David Alonso



Prod. Coord.

Jessica Lynn Dutra


Spot Op

Ben Garner

               Choreographed by

            Rebecca K. Campbell


            Music/Vocal Director

             Elizabeth Suzanne


             Fight Choreographer

              Alex Boyles



        Toni Holley, Celetta Katski

             Patricia Downward

             Rebecca K. Campbell,

            Wyn Reed Hopkins,

           Kelly Moore,

         Francesca Solono,

    Sharon Becker, Teresa Reed,

          Mathew Reynolds

       (Crater High School), OSF,

           Sue Quakenbush,

         Lauren Panter,

         Meagan Kirby


            Artistic Director

            Robin Downward


Set Design
Nicholas Jules Hewitt


Sound/Video Design
John Wing


Sound Board Op

Sean Petree


Tech. Director

House Manager



Qlab Op

Daniel Joyner


Photos By

Melissa Ghiglieri

Fine Art

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