A Night of One Acts - February 02 - February 03, 2018

Rainey-McCullers School of the Arts

 Poet and the Rent 

Cast Members  
Aunt Georgie  
Lexi Sherrer  
The Poet  
Charlie Hearn  
Sergeant Pressman  
Charlie Evans  
Kodiak Prince  
Sam Hinton  
The Landlord  
Kamryn Tate  
The Girlfirend  
Riley Wolfe Rach  
Spuds O'Malley  
Silas Diehl  
The Factory Owner  
Sean Strasser  
The Wacko Woman  
Noelle Larkin  
Natalie Crosby  
Jeremiah Lane  
The Hippie  
Sarah Sfakianos  
The Supervisor  
Alaya Young  
The Wacko Dancers  
Lieren Frullaney, Conner Howard, Alexia Griffin, Kayla Griffin, Sarah Sfakianos, Alaya Young, Emma Hall, Makayla Page
Jack Seymour  
LaQuaya Williams  

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