Bye Bye Birdie - March 08 - March 10, 2018

Queensbury Senior High School

 Director's Note & Autographs 

It is an honor to present to you this pop cultural Elvis Presley satire of its time- BYE BYE BIRDIE!  After our poignant production of Les Mis last year, the production team and I felt it was the perfect time to lighten the mood and put our actors into teenage hysteria 1958 dancing shoes!


Night after night, our cast of over 50 young actors, singers, and dancers put forth hours of long rehearsals and collaboratively worked together to make this hip-shaking story come to life.  From the first rehearsal to the final bow, they truly embodied what theatre is all about: hard work, creativity, risk-taking, collaboration, problem solving, and long lasting friendships.


I am incredibly proud and honored to have assisted these talented actors in their journey to the stage. Their tenacity and drive did not go unnoticed and I thank them for their patience and energy throughout the creative process. I would also like to thank our amazing production team for their blood, sweat and tears (literally on all three). And to Laura Lee DeLand for continuing to wave her baton boldly while 9 months pregnant, and to our choreographer, Jillian Granger, for whom I could not have done this production without.  Lastly, thank you to every friend, spouse, son, daughter, sibling, teacher, administrator and parent who contributed to the success of the students and this production. Last but not least, thank you to my husband Steve for listening to Bye Bye Birdie on every family car ride and to my kids, Trey and Evie, for always singing along. :)  Enjoy the show!


~ Mrs. Avery Babson


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