The Little Mermaid - July 21 - July 23, 2017

Phillips County Community Theater

 End Notes 


I am extremely proud of this production. The quality of cast and crew are outstanding. A truely successful production however, involves more than what is presented on stage. It should not only be an artistic learning experience, but a personal one as well. I am particularly proud of the cooperation, mutual respect, level of commitment, and the teamwork that has been demonstrated by everyone involved in this production. Cast members have put egos aside and discovered that whether they had one line or fifty, were on or off stage, that everyone shares equally in the pride and success of such an accomplishment.


Many of these cast members are standing on this stage for the first time and I am excited that this community continues to support an ALL VOLUNTEER community theater. Thousands of volunteer hours have gone into this production and the learning and laughter have created experiences that we will remember for years to come. I cannot thank each cast member, crew member, parent volunteer, and Arts Council volunteer enough for all your hard work in practice, rehearsal, advertisement, helping with props, costumes, and coming to this production with the best of attitudes. You make me proud to be part of this community. 



To my mom, Patricia McCartney for slaving away for months to make my costume dreams a reality. You will find glitter and sequins in your house and car long after this show is finished. Thank you for all the time we spent together working on this production. Your work is beautiful. 


To my dad, Noel Smith for stepping away from your job for weeks at a time to build set and indulge my crazy ideas. Thank you for taking me seriously when I propose something we have never done before and for making it all happen. Thank you for spending hours with me and a script designing the lighting scene by scene. 


To Kelsey Pinkerton for teaching all the music. Your skill and joy is a more than welcome presence in the room when we are facing songs and harmonies that challenge us. You are encouraging, patient, and flexible; the best combination. 


To Kerri Footh for everything. You are the best stage manager a director could ask for. Your ability to make tuna tartare and cake and a "granite" bust on a budget is astounding. Your knowledge of the show and direction backstage is one of the biggest parts of the show "magic." I don't know how we could do it without you. 


To Kent Footh for your design and engineering skills from cleaver and trident to throne and rock. You are much more than a sound guy. You are an integral part of the backstage "magic" even when you're up in the sound booth during shows making us all sound great.



To Sam and Ashlynn for all your work on choreography. You came to this production knowing that there was a wide variety of skill among the actors and you made the most of what we have to offer. You made us look like great dancers. 


To the community for supporting the opportunity for amature actors to come together and put on a beautiful show year after year. We couldn't do it without you. 

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