13 - September 21 - September 23, 2017

Perry High School


Everyone goes through those wonderful adolescent years.  We know what it is like to try and fit in at school and to find our place in the world.  It is a crazy time in life between being a child and an adult.  For many of us labels and stereotypes ruled our world. It has been so much fun, and sometime painful, remembering those days.   


I have been wanting to do this show ever since I saw it at the International Thespian Festival about 6 years ago. This year seemed like the perfect opportunity to perform 13 because we have such young looking talent.  I am extremely proud of the students involved in this show! They have worked so hard learning and creating in a short amount of time.  Perry Theatre is blessed to have such a great group of hard working, dedicated, and talented students and colleages!   


Whether you are or were a jock, a geek, a beauty queen, a goth, or any other of the countless labels experienced in junior high and high school, we all have something to offer this world.  My hope is that we can look past our differences and see the person within.


-Mrs. Marquis  




Perry Theatre Company would like to thank everyone who helped to make this show come together.  


Jameson Staley - Thanks for helping us wih our vocals in short amount of time!  Your time and talent is much appreciated.  We are lucky to have you with us!


Randy Duren - Thank you for all you do.  I appreciate you stepping in and helping in the scene shop and trying to get those crazy purchases taken care of!


Nick Woodward-Shaw - Thanks for the fabulous photography and helping us in a pinch with publicity items.  Wow, what amazing work you do.  Don't know what we would do without you!


Mia Edrozo - Thanks for your organizational skills and reaching out to our parents.  You help take care of us and the needs of our students, myself, and the program!


Colleen Porter - Thanks for helping with the extra vocal coaching!  Your assistance helps us shine and be more confident in what we do.


Parents - Thank you to all of the parents who donated water, food, your time and resources.  Your assistance and participation help us to take care of your amazing children and create quality productions and experiences!


Administration - Your support of the arts and our program is so important.  Thank you for all you do!  We are so fortunate to have you!




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