The Mystery of Edwin Drood - October 20 - October 29, 2017

Palmdale Repertory Theatre


Cast Members  
Mr. William Cartwright, Chairman  
Brett Lark  
Mr. Clive Paget as John Jasper  
Kevin Clark  
Miss Alice Nutting as Edwin Drood  
Bethany Shemanski  
Miss Dierdre Peregrine as Rosa Bud  
Katelyn Herbert  
Miss Janet Conover as Helena Landless  
Ellie Aguilar  
Mr. Victor Grinstead as Neville Landless  
Mario Gonzalez  
Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe as The Reverend Mr. Crisparkle  
Gabriel Stokes  
Miss Angela Prysock as The Princess Puffer  
Therese Melnykov  
Mr. Nick Cricker as Durdles  
Dan Swaney  
Master Nick Cricker as Deputy  
Roger Gonzalez  
Mr. Philip Bax as Bazzard and Waiter  
Alex Wallis  
??? as Dick Datchery  
???? ????  
Mr. Nicholas Michael as Horace  
David Lunnon  
Miss Eleanor Thornber as Beatrice  
Shannon Bunch  
Miss Gwendolen Pynn as Wendy  
Marjorie Green  
Mr. James Hitchens as Mayor Thomas Sapsea  
Miss Jane Throttle, Stage Manager  
Verity Fletcher  
Miss Florence Gill, Ensemble  
Cheyenne Starks  
Miss Violet Balfour, Ensemble  
Kayla Krumrei  
Miss Sarah Cook, Ensemble  
Carrie McBryant  
Miss Isabel Yearsley, Ensemble  
Katie Wert  
Fritz the Dog  
Winkie Dog  
Jasper's Vision Ballet  
Shannon Bunch, Marjorie Green, Carrie McBryant, Roger Gonzalez, Dan Swaney, Alex Wallis
Jasper's Vision Shadow Play  
David Lunnon, Bethany Shemanski, Kayla Krumrei, Katie Wert

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