The Mystery of Edwin Drood - October 20 - October 29, 2017

Palmdale Repertory Theatre

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In the mid-80’s a Californian transplant to New England took her first trip to Broadway with a friend from New Jersey. They visited the TKTS booth to find a deal and ended up with tickets to The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the Tony award winning best musical of 1986.


Fast forward a few years and that same young woman, back in California, attended an amateur performance of the same show. Finding it not as satisfying, she began to mull the idea of directing a production of Drood herself. That production is now before you.


As the first show that I ever saw on Broadway, Drood holds a special place in my heart. My opportunity to finally direct this play has not disappointed. The entire cast and crew have worked hard to bring you exceptional entertainment. And we’ve had a rollicking good time along the way. My sincere thanks to everyone involved in this production. Musical theater truly requires collaborative effort and I could not imagine a better team to work with.


British Music Hall began as something akin to Karaoke and eventually grew to an institution much like American Vaudeville. A typical British Music Hall performance consisted of a variety of acts, often including satirical songs, along with a well-stocked bar to keep the patrons happy. But tonight, the Music Hall Royale presents something a little different—a full-length musical adaptation of an unfinished Dickens novel.


So travel with us back to the late Victorian period as the Music Hall Royale does their darndest to foray into true musical drama. The company has hired a premier star to take the title role and pulled out all the stops for your enjoyment.


Oh…and don’t forget to pay careful attention to all of those clues, because it’s up to you to decide the solution to the mystery!


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