The Lion King KIDS - March 02 - March 07, 2017

Oakwood Terrace Elementary School


This production of Disney's The Lion King KIDS is the culmination of countless hours of hard work and the generous donations of many individuals.  Many thanks to...


Anmarie Garcia and Kim Neill

I have truly enjoyed working for Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Neill this year.  They support arts education and encourage student participation in the extra-curricular music activities at OTE.  They have enthusiastically embraced the creative vision that brought this performance to the stage.


Amanda Allbee and Vanessa Chavez

Amanda made sure that orders were placed, money was deposited, and provided creative solutions when Mrs. Loerwald and I were stumped.  I appreciate her positive attitude and encouragement.  Thanks to Vanessa for fielding parent questions about the ever-changing rehearsal schedule.


Lisa Loerwald

The show you see tonight would not be possible without the artistic skills of the talented Mrs. Loerwald.  She painted the backdrop and created many of the props, including a 6-foot tall image of Mufasa, that bring the show to life.


Jamie Sriankkul, Brushana Cannedy, and Lisa Loerwald

These ladies cheerfully sat in on all of the auditions and helped make some difficult casting decisions.


Aren Cameron

Mrs. Cameron came to my rescue with suggestions for replacement casting when we lost several cast members.  Thank you for the fast emails - your recommendation for Scar was spot on!


Mayra Matos

¡Gracias!  Thank you for your translating skills.  I appreciate the time and effort you used to translate audition forms, parent letters, and the show synopsis.


Mr. Terry, Delia, and Osmin

Thank you for cleaning up after the cast (and me) - from sawdust on my classroom floor to food crumbs in the cafeteria.  We made your job harder and you made our job easier.  Thank you!


The Oakwood Terrace Staff

This is an amazing group of people!  They are some of the most dedicated, hard-working, supportive educators I have had the privilege to meet.  Many of them have given up their personal time to volunteer their services during our performances.  Thank you for the help and encouraging words.


The Cast

Thank you for your hard work during the past two months!  Some of you have been at more than 50 hours of rehearsals!  I appreciate the dedication you have given to this project.  You are the best!  Now stop talking and get to work!


The HEB Education Foundation

The Education Foundation provided grant funds which were used to purchase The Lion King Experience, a curriculum written to introduce third through sixth grade students to the many aspects of theater making.  The Lion King Experience included the scripts, music, and licensing rights to produce our show: Disney's The Lion King KIDS, based on the award-winning Broadway musical.  Without their financial contribution, there would not have been a show.


Angela, Joy, and Isaac Malone

My wonderful family has supported me through the entire process of bringing this show to the stage.  Their love and prayers are a blessing each and every day. I am thankful that God has given me an amazing wife and two awesome children.  Thanks for all of the hugs when I get home!

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