Fiddler on the Roof - May 05 - May 07, 2017

Oak Hill High School

 End Notes 


I am, as always, extremely proud of this production.  The quality of the cast, pit orchestra, stage crew and set builders/designers is outstanding.  A truly successful production, however, involves more than what is presented on stage.  It should not only be an artistic learning experience, but also a personal one as well.  I'm especially proud of the cooperation, mutual respect, level of commitment, and teamwork that has been demonstrated by everyone in this production.  These students have put egos aside and discovered that whether they have zero lines or a hundred, were on or off stage, were a chorus member or lead, everyone shares equally in the pride and success of such an accomplishment.

  • Thank you to Mr. Mike McDivitt, for allowing us to do a musical this year and supporting us in our adventure.  It is with your encouragement that these students get an experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

  • Thank you to the OHUSC administration and teachers for your continued support of the arts.

  • Thank you to the OHUSC administration and school board for the new theatrical and stage lights in the Lecture Area. As you can see, it really adds to what we can do!
  • To my seniors--it's always really hard and bittersweet for me to watch our final performance together at Oak Hill.  I'm super proud of the eight of you--you are INCREDIBLE young adults, and your impact has been felt by all of those in the cast and in attendance.


Marlee - Thank you for hanging in there when I cast you as Howie Newsome in Our Town.  You played that part better than I could have ever imagined.  I see a lot of me in you, but wish I would have had the confidence you have when I was your age!  I know that your students will love you when you are ready to start teaching!  It has been so fun seeing you become even more engaged and willing to try new things this year.

Bailey - I remember when I first met you and you joined me for your first show.  I used to quiz you on your musical theatre knowledge, and then I realized that this 9 year old kid knew way more about musical theatre than I even did!  You have been an absolute joy to direct.  Thank you for literally giving your all each time on stage.  Also, thank you for coaching Drew to make me laugh as much as you have made me laugh! 

Chloe - I remember sitting in on the Junior Drama Student Powerpoint (aka plead for a musical this year) and being in absolute shock to see you get up there and sing Matchmaker!  I only wish that you could have been in more shows.  You are a light on stage!  Thank you for your dependability in class and in rehearsal and for being a role model to all the younger kids.  Also, thank you for joining me in learning our inner Beyonce voices.



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